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Jet lagged but exited

And so we're back here again!
Just a quick update of things so far.

We landed Wednesday afternoon in the rain with a bad case of jet lag.
Then we met up with Angie and Kees who were in Tokyo at the same time as us and then we had an amazing dinner on the top floor of Takashima Time Square in Shinjuku (as we promised ourselves last year).
It was an enormous feast with numorous courses and I loved the main dish which was shabu shabu.

Thursday we heard about the typhoon raging in Tokyo which kinda freaked me out. We didn't get caught up in it but I heard it was pretty severe in Osaka earlier. There were some very strong winds in the evening though.
Bandai Namco called to cancel Farieds interview because of the trains not riding due to the typhoon, but called again an hour later that he could come in anyway.
Their building is AMAZING. It's incredibly large and very high, with a terrace with lots of green and a waterfall (!) in the lobby (I forgot to take a photo). Farieds interview went well and he got a callback for next Tuesday.
After wards we met up for coffee with one of the producers, Motoyama-san.

Then today was a busy day as well.
We visited the Vocal Academy of Tokyo (VOAT) and had a chat with one of the staff and a tour. The place is small but looks amazing, and there are so many options for recording and auditioning.
Then we went for a bite in our favorite lunch-place Club Studio and a quick shopping spree in Harajuku, where I somehow ended up buying a lot of stuff in a small amount of time. Here's some;

I will post pics of the great Engrish sweater I got later.
After wards we met up with Ayu and had a quick meal at a great Chinese place in Shinjuku. Then we walked to Motion, a Live House where SiMoN and artists selected by him performed. We particularly enjoyed Ennui Pickup Van, their sound was awesome and I don't think I've ever seen a better stage performance!
Then we opted for cheesecake and coffee at Renoir, but decided to drag ourselves back to the hotel.



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Mar. 19th, 2010 02:38 pm (UTC)
Sounds like an awesome start! But I didn't know Faried was still in the interview stage. Please post more when he knows more. :)
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